Nikki began practicing yoga in 2012. Quickly it became much more than a way to exercise. She was drawn to not only the physical challenge but mostly to the way it brought a calmness into her mind and body that she had never felt. Able to make this connection with movement and breath that sharpened her senses and kept her focused. She was able to bring this strength and softness that she acquired on the mat into all aspects of her life. The summer of 2014 she completed her 200 hr YA with Stil Studio.

Nikki now teaches yoga full time. She is certified in E-RYT 200, SPA Yoga® and Bodhi & Mind yoga.

You can expect Nikki's classes to offer a fluid flow of movements that lets you move in a way that feels right in your body. Being able to move in mindful way from pose to pose using your breath to move with ease. Allowing you to build strength and lightness. She offers a fun physical challenge that has a calmness with lots of hands on assists.